Why smoothies aren’t healthy


In concept, healthy smoothies appear like the ideal fast morning meal or healthy treat: a cup approximately of fruit and a splash of milk whooshed in the blender or food processor with a little ice and fruit juice. Exactly what could be so bad about that? A lot.

Right here’s the issue: Too much sugar (sweetened fruit juice, sweet frozen yogurt, dollops of honey, all those bananas) and too much fat (that frozen yogurt once again). And if you eliminated the milk to conserve calories, you’re cheating yourself from the protein repair that will keep you pleased up until it’s time for your next dish.

Right here are 5 simple repairs to make over your smoothie mixes so they’re healthy, rewarding, and, obviously, tasty.

Freeze your fruit. Cut up portions of peaches, plums, nectarines, cherries, strawberries, and apricots, and then spread them out on a tray and freeze them till company. Frozen fruit will assist keep your smoothie mixes icy and thick.
In his book Spent, Dr. Frank Lipman recommends including whey protein to morning meal healthy smoothies asan easy-to-digest protein that includes all the crucial amino acids. Of course you can likewise utilize milk or yogurt– non-fat, low-fat, or full-fat, it’s up to you.
Include some coconut water. If you require to thin down your healthy smoothie, forget making use of sweet fruit juice. Rather, attempt coconut water, the fluid from young coconuts, which is rich in potassium and electrolytes.
Bananas are a typical addition to smoothie mixes since they include sweet taste, body, and nutrients. And while avocados are high in fat, they consist of linoleic and oleic acids that are efficient in reducing LDL cholesterol and enhancing healthy HDL cholesterol. Plus, they’re one of the finest fruits (yes, they’re a fruit) for keeping cravings pangs at bay.
My preferred sweetener is agave syrup, which looks like honey however is a little sweeter. In other words, it triggers less of a spike in blood sugar, so you’re less most likely to feel starving quickly after you’ve had your smoothie mix.