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Name best 5 game developers companies of the world

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SEGA is one of the most renowned company in the world that has been making games since the ancient era. SEGA is one of those companies that different programmers to grow up playing games off. SEGA is one of the most celebrated companies that it has most published games on the market. The most iconic games of all times of SEGA is Sonic. The Sonic is our child hero the person who hasn’t played doesn’t deserve to be given the title of the gamer. The SEGA was the only company which had titles on the board till 2002. Later in the years, SEGA stopped producing the consoles. The company dedicated themselves to developing the arcade games they were so famous for. Although the SEGA Company was given many big awards in the award show, it lost the console war. But Sonic and the hedgehog has given the gamer so many childhood memories. There is no comparison of these games.


Konami has also been a very promising company which produced Metal Gear solid. Although metal gear solid were one of the difficult games of their time, these games were enjoyable and different. After these games gain some different ground companies tried to copy the style of the Konami company, but they were unable to produce such structure games. The Konami Company has the second most number of produced games on the board of producing and developing unblocked games. Companies like Konami doesn’t ever stop to impress by the variety of game they produce. The Metal gear solid was a different genre than the platform frogger, and both were hit games, but it had the same producer that was Konami.


There is no surprise that Nintendo made to this list one of the most promising consoles developing and game producing company. This company started its console and revolutionized the world with its design. Nintendo has been known as one of the most impressive consoles that can be used to play games. After SEGA and Konami if someone can remember a name that is Nintendo. Third on the spot of producing most games. Nintendo produced so many vast games and big titles like Legend of Zelda and Mario. These two games are the iconic showers of the video gaming world. Those who haven’t played these games can’t say they haven’t heard about these games. These were the game series that caught the every gamer on the planet earth. That is why Nintendo is known as the most valuable company in the world.

Electronic Arts

This company deserves the right to come on the fourth number. There are gamers who can say that if they played their first game, it was EA game. Electronic Arts are one of those companies who stood their grounds against Nintendo and Konami producing games like Football games. Fifa 98 was one of the biggest success of the world. Later Electronic Arts developed cricket games, and they were the first love of the gamers who played a sports game. Electronic Arts gain the respect with sports title, but there are many different genres that Electronic Arts excel at.


Who hasn’t played assassin Creed and Tom Clancy? UBISOFT was one of those companies that produced these game. It is one of the companies that defined the assassin genre and never stood behind the wall of big company names. Their product was on the par with other big companies.

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