Briann Otbryan

The Stroke Science Days to kick off under the hands of the Noor Center in Casablanca

The Noor Center for Rehabilitation and Functional Rehabilitation in Casablanca is organizing the first edition of its Scientific Days focusing on stroke and other related subjects about the health problem on May 19-20, 2017. The Noor Center in Bouskoura (Casablanca) is considered a key factor and contributor in the development of the rehabilitation and practical therapy sector and the first edition of the event will be tackling the concerns and solutions related to the management of the health risks which gives the conference the title of “Stroke, new beginning”.

Created in 2001 by the “Act, Make, Hope” Group, the Noor Center is now at its 16 years of expertise in the field of physical rehabilitation and functional recovery. Every day, approximately 200 patients benefit from multidisciplinary care relating to physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, speech therapy, equipment, and so on. It plays an important role between the post-operative and outpatient for a better social and economic integration of the person in a situation of handicap. The topic will be discussed through conferences, workshops and roundtables facilitated by a panel of national and international experts coming from different countries like France, Niger and Côte d’Ivoire. The event will take place in two days. The first will be held at the Noor Center, while the second will be at the Farah Golden Tulip Hotel.

As for a reason for holding these Scientific Days, the organizers explain that this will be the opportunity and momentous chance to confront and assess the different approaches, scientific projects, and experiences of various health and development actors.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the city of Casablanca is auspicious for having the Noor Center as it helps the residents in monitoring their wellbeing and preventing diseases from harming their health. An event is also a useful tool in putting the issue of stroke and other health ailments that it brings to the human body. It is significant to orient the public about stroke and what are the facilities and solutions to prevent the illness. The organizing committee of the event also explained that the Noor Center aspires to promote scientific examination by spreading new developments and by pooling the knowledge of different professionals on a particular theme. Facilitating exchanges between professionals with corresponding profiles; inspiring fruitful collaborations and bringing about new subjects of research and consideration are the primary objectives of the Scientific Days.

According to the chief medical officer in the center, the distribution and sharing of knowledge regarding the health services to be provided for people with disabilities are one of its main missions. The Noor Center actively believes that networking is the key to progress in the field noting that for each edition, a theme of interest to the scientific world will be chosen beforehand. Furthermore, with the focus of this year’s Scientific Days on stroke and its management and prevention, it is a concern that must be observed promptly because stroke is one of the leading causes of disability, in that more than half of those affected have cognitive or physical sequela. However, with appropriate support and care, these people can regain their control and learn to live with this disability.Confronted with the everyday encounters of post-stroke, the Noor Center aspires to share its expertise and discuss with the various international actors to better understand and, in effect, better take charge of this pathology.