Briann Otbryan

Travel Guide To South Ethiopia in 2017


This is the region where one will find diversity at its peak. The Omo River region is home to more than fifty above tribes. All the tribes have a different side of the cultures present in Ethiopia. They don’t follow the same traditions and ways. There is a huge heritage of fifty different tribes. The reasons there is a big heritage because all of these tribes are not connected every tribe has its meaning to things. Since the diversity of the beliefs made this region a place for the attraction of tourists. Tourists in on season flood here around the globe to get full enjoyment. But the region is mildly connected all the people in this area are old fashions. They don’t use any travel means. Since African culture is old in Ethiopia tribe region, it gets really difficult to find the traveling vehicle here. Warrior race is very prominent here one would find warriors walking across the road with guns.


Stone town of the Zanzibar is one place where people across the globe and later boast to his or her friends. A person can enjoy the different toll bars and deserted islands over here with a travel guide. Is one of the best beauties present in South Africa? Zanzibar is considered to be the major location for the tourists across the globes. Most of the tourist love this place and they extend their stay over here most of the times. Zanzibar has a huge history where it all started. The Stone Age history. It is considered the before all the beauty expansion by the government. Zanzibar sued to be the hub of the stones and the workers. Millions of the people came to the world to do the business here. There was so much business done in this region in those days that it became a wealthy place. Many of the fortune earners started their career for here. They build and created their history in such a place. Zanzibar latter got famous of the ivory and spices. People admired the Zanzibar spices and used different mixing methods to enhance the spices. Zanzibar was also known as the z hub of the slaves. Many thousands of the slaves were born here. Slaves used to work hard day and night over here.

Virunga Mountains

About some of the remaining mountain gorillas in the world live here. This place is the genetic place of mountain gorillas and considered as the first home of gorillas. Virunga national park has been very famous not from now but from the old times. This is considered to be a most exciting park that can give people realistic feelings about the park. The park was recognized as world heritage in 1979. The park is about 46 square miles and has a lot of different location to hang out. Even there are many volcanoes present there. Virunga park gives a natural and pure feeling when visited.

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