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Today’s world of internet technology allows us to do so much more than was even deemed possible in the past. Search engines such as Google and Bing allow us to look up almost every bit of information known to man. Memorization of addresses, stores, history, and many other facts is not as important and no longer necessary.

Online retailers like Amazon and Ebay allow us to order anything under the sun and have it arrive at our doorstep in less than 24 hours. Social Media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook allows us to instantly share news, photos, and videos to friends and family across the globe. The internet essentially has the power to connect millions around the world. In the same way, it has the capability of bringing business to millions of companies around the world via internet marketing. The internet breaks barriers of distance; customers can view and order products right at the tips of their fingers and in the comfort of their homes. Similarly, customers can browse online stores or services around the clock. There is no such thing as store opening hours and no need to pay staff to hold the fort down. Suddenly things become much more convenient for both vendors and consumers.

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Instead of posting up a billboard along the highway and hoping you happen to hit the right audience driving to work that morning, internet marketing allows you to individually target your audience. By tracking users’ searches, purchase history, preferences, and other forms of data, you can personalize offers and ads that come across their screen to make it more appealing to them, reflecting their specific wants, interests and needs.

Additionally, building relationships and keeping in touch with customers is made much easier with online marketing. Once a buyer purchases a product, you can continue the communication flow by sending them a confirmation of their order, and a thank you. You can maintain the relationship by sending them special offers and coupons for future use, increasing customer retention rates. If pleased, customers may even write good reviews of your products or services on your website, helping to increase sales and create a sense of community among buyers.

Nowadays businesses of all sizes are practicing internet marketing. It is hard to find a company that does not have a website. Businesses that are not online cannot easily compete. Internet marketing is essentially the most inexpensive, most efficient and most effective way of getting business and reaching out to millions of the target market.